Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Client Information

How can Savarese Physical Therapy help me?

I see people of all ages with all types of impairments or injuries resulting from work, gym or play. Whether it is the shoulder, spine, hip, foot or finger, whatever the mechanism of injury, I evaluate, diagnose and treat your impairments for full return to symptom-free function and prevention of further injury. No matter what your impairment, it is my job to get you back on your "feet."

Why is insurance not filed at Savarese Physical Therapy?

Traditional PT clinics may be equipped with premier exercise equipment, multiple physical therapists, PT assistants and rehab technicians. Typically, they see you for 10-15 minutes, watch you reproduce your home exercise program, briefly place their hands on you and in the remaining 15-30 minutes, they’re seeing another 2 patients while yelling across the clinic for you to "extend your leg a little more" or "hop on the bike for 5 minutes." They may have excellent physical therapists but it’s impossible to be excellent and attain the desired results when treating multiple patients simultaneously. Unfortunately, these PT practices have resorted to this business model in order to remain profitable due to our healthcare system’s poor reimbursement rates.

At Savarese Physical Therapy, the focus is on YOU. All treatments are individualized based on client needs and not dictated by insurance plans. Each patient receives an hour of one on one treatment comprised of hands on techniques that allows for rapid results. Therefore, you get what you pay for… less trips to the clinic and resolved symptoms in less time.

Will my insurance company reimburse me for my "out of pocket" expenses?

Reimbursement is solely based on your insurance plan. However, in most cases, YES, patients are able to attain some level of reimbursement if your insurance plan covers physical therapy services. If interested in reimbursement for services, contact your insurance company and ask about reimbursement for "out of network physical therapy." I will also be happy to provide you with a handout to assist you when inquiring about your insurance benefits.

What are your rates?

All treatment sessions are scheduled for one hour at $125/session. Treatment sessions after-hours and on weekends are available at an additional charge.